Promoting Ellon

Produce an “Ellon Guide” detailing what the town centre already has to offer and inform people of the best ways of getting into the town centre and where parking is available. This would include at attractive map of the town.

Develop an “Ellon Card” to highlight specific promotional activity. The activity could be to visit, and purchase from, several participating retailers and service providers over a given time frame. Once your Ellon Card was complete, it would then be entered into a draw to win a prize. This obviously needs the support from retailers and services providers.

Development of a brand identity for Ellon town centre. 

Create a promotional campaign to promote Ellon to our neighbouring towns and visitors alike. Ellon has such a great offering of natural heritage, natural outdoor assets and a unique retail offering, that it would make sense to let people know Ellon is a place for the whole family to come and spend time in.