Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces

Photo credit: Press & Journal

To make an immediate impact on the visual appeal of Ellon, there could be a public art project that would aim to enhance the visual appeal of certain areas of the town, especially where there is currently vacant space or vacant shop fronts. 

Neil Ross Square is seen as the real hub of the town, but the feedback we received indicates that it could be so much more of an asset to the town. If the visual appeal and functionality of the square were improved, the belief is it could be the go-to place to meet friends and spend time there. The owners of Neil Ross Square have a golden opportunity to remodel their asset as Aberdeenshire Council vacate two large units on either side of the square. More work will be necessary in order to develop the ideas, conversations with the landlord, tenants and the local community, along with the relevant agencies need to take place so there is a clear understanding of what would be required and what can realistically be delivered. 

Reorganisation of the Auld Square as a shared civic space, this could include traffic calming measures, reduced parking and more defined separation between road and public spaces.

Physical improvements to Bridge Street, this would be influenced by the outcome of the review of traffic flows and the potential enhancement of Neil Ross Square.

Maximise the potential of the river Ythan as a public space, this has the potential to link to other projects such as active travel ad play facilities etc.

Targeted lighting of significant buildings and spaces.

Continue to develop the public art activity.