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Following on from the Charette that took place over a number of months, and meetings, earlier last year, we wanted to share the summary of the findings with you. The summary document is available via the link, but we have taken the opportunity to condense the document for you.
The Charette highlighted that Ellon is a great town but could be better. The key strengths identified were:

  • Attractive setting with semi-rural character
  • Historic character and public spaces, lanes and wynds
  • Interesting and distinctive retail businesses
  • An attractive and manageable scale

To build on the strengths, there were four main themes identified from what you told us:

Promoting Ellon – this is to remind both local people and visitors of all the great things Ellon has to offer.

Connecting Ellon – this is all about creating a welcoming town with good networks for walking, cycling and vehicles.

Enriching Ellon’s Town Centre – this is about enhancing our already great offering to encourage bot new commercial and community led activities.

Improving Ellon’s Public Spaces – this is about enhancing the offering of public spaces so that the community will continue to be proud to use them
For each of the themes there were a number of projects identified, these have been split into three categories, early wins, further projects and aspirational projects.

An early project would be a project that can be delivered relatively quickly, a further project would be a project which would take longer to organise and deliver and can start to be planned to take into account the timing of other factors such as the potential relocation of Council facilities, and the funding that can be secured, and an aspirational project would be a project which will take longer to deliver and would require further investigation looking at feasibility and funding.