Connecting Ellon

Capitalise on the increasing mobile tourist traffic. To do this, there could be designated parking bays for overnight stays in several locations around the town centre. This would enable driver and passengers of the vehicle to take a walk into the town centre in an evening and use the facilities on offer. 

Capitalise on the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads. Look at providing fast charging points, which would mean the driver and passengers of the vehicle would be around the town centre for a minimum of 45 minutes. Drivers of electric vehicles plan their routes around the availability of charging stations, so this would enhance the offering in Ellon to encourage electric vehicle owners to vies Ellon as a destination of choice. 

Improvements to the signage and interpretation across the town centre, including parking locations.

Explore opportunities to develop shared fringe of town parking at busy time.

Enhancements to the “backlands” areas of passageways and parking in relation to physical connections and visual amenity.

Development of new types of visitor accommodation.

Potential changes to traffic management arrangements arising out of the proposed review of traffic flows.

Ellon has such an abundance of natural assets close to the town centre that the feeling was to capitalise on these and create and active travel project, not only around the town centre, but to forge links with nearby communities to encourage our neighbours to visit Ellon. 

A common theme throughout the Charette was that Bridge Street was not a welcoming place due to the traffic that flows along it, leading to people feeling vulnerable, especially, the young and more senior members of our community. A review of traffic flows was suggested to ensure that Ellon is a place that people want to spend time in.