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Following on from the Charette that took place over a number of months, and meetings, earlier last year, we wanted to share the summary of the findings with you. The summary document is available via the link, but we have taken the opportunity to condense the document for you.The Charette highlighted that Ellon is a …

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Promoting Ellon

Produce an “Ellon Guide” detailing what the town centre already has to offer and inform people of the best ways of getting into the town centre and where parking is available. This would include at attractive map of the town. Develop an “Ellon Card” to highlight specific promotional activity. The activity could be to visit, …

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Connecting Ellon

Capitalise on the increasing mobile tourist traffic. To do this, there could be designated parking bays for overnight stays in several locations around the town centre. This would enable driver and passengers of the vehicle to take a walk into the town centre in an evening and use the facilities on offer.  Capitalise on the …

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